Seeking to sensually blur the often rigid lines of outwear and underwear, Lenoir provides the unbound contemporary woman with intimate designs that compliment her audacious spirit. Decidedly intelligent and insistently opulent, ornate laces and supple leathers dominate Lenoir’s collections, intricately providing a foundation of aesthetics for the evolved woman.

Lenoir’s collections esteem experience over performance, making each individual piece more about the wearer than its viewer. Each hand sewn garment touts women with relentless confidence through unrivaled quality and a deliberate ethos that heralds individuality and an inherent boldness above a tame longing to be adored.

Through this focus on its wearer, an emphasis on unparalleled shape, quality, and fit is established, providing a new luxury experience for wearers to indulge in. Alluring and decadent lingerie does not need to be compromised by comfort and support with Lenoir’s innovative methods of tapering and fit.

The empowered and bold Lenoir woman captivates her viewers, openly inviting those daring enough to join. By emphasizing lingerie’s inherent abilities to entice and allure, each Lenoir bra is specifically designed to serve as the focal point of its wearer’s ensemble, effortlessly carrying her from uninhibited evenings to compelling dawns.